Coaching and Individual Consulting

One-on-one, Deep Listening, and Attentive Care

We offer one-on-one and team coaching hours, allowing for highly individualized trainings and implementation support. If you’re feeling stuck in your workflows, overwhelmed by your software stack, or want someone to double check your work, let’s hop in a Zoom and move through the issue together.  

If it’s your first time working with us, please fill out the intake form below.


Coaching Sessions

We empower individuals and teams through customized learning experiences, equipping them with the proficiency to navigate tools like Airtable, Zapier, Typeform, and other innovative workflow automation platforms. Whether it's a one-time session or a continuous learning journey, we're here to guide you toward self-sufficiency and autonomy.

This is for you if:

+  You’re keen to harness the potential of tools like Airtable, Zapier, and Typeform.

+  You believe in self-reliance and want to solve workflow challenges in-house.

+  You’re navigating a tech transition and need guidance on best practices.

+  Advanced challenges in your workflow need expert troubleshooting.

+  Continuous improvement and upskilling are integral to your organization's values.

Coaching sessions begin at $200 per hour.

We also offer discounted coaching at $100 per hour for individuals making less than $75,000 per year or organizations making less than $500,000 per year.

Organizational Therapy + Digital Workplace Audit

Our signature workshop delves into the motivations, challenges, and organizational dynamics of your team’s current collaboration systems . Through open dialogue and guided inquiry, we craft an audit report filled with key insights, strategic direction, and underexamined pathways that leverage your organization’s creative pulse and allows for more seamless collaboration.

This is for you if:

+  You’re launching a new project or venture.

+ Your team's workflow feels stuck or outdated.

+ Communication hiccups and operational snags are hindering your creative output.

+ You need to ensure your systems scale smoothly during an expansion or acquisition.

+ You aim to foster a stronger culture of teamwork and collaboration in your community or organization.

Team-training workshops start at $1,500. 

We also offer discounted sessions at $750 per workshop for organizations and groups with annual revenue less than $500,000.