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Unify Your Vision

Agile Strategic Planning for Creative Teams

Date: Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 11a PT
Length: 3 hours
Location: Online (Zoom)
Intended  for: Organizations, up to 5 individuals
Trainer: Michael Holt Click here for bio
Cost:$750 Solidarity
$1250 Full Price
$1750 Redistribution

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"Unify Your Vision" is a comprehensive and dynamic strategic planning workshop curated specifically for creative teams and cultural organizations. As art and culture work continues to evolve and respond to an ever-changing landscape, teams must be equipped to adapt and realign their strategies swiftly while ensuring shared ownership and alignment of objectives.

This workshop goes beyond traditional long-term strategic planning, emphasizing a more responsive, agile approach to aligning team goals in the face of change.  Facilitated by Michael Holt, an experienced OKR (Objectives and Key Results) practitioner, "Unify Your Vision" empowers teams to align their individual and collective goals, creating a unified vision that drives impactful outcomes.

Who is it for

This workshop is specifically designed for creative teams, cultural organizations, and leadership groups that strive to maintain alignment, cultivate shared ownership of goals, and adapt to the fluid landscape of the arts and culture sector.  Each organization receives 5 seats at the workshop. Please contact us to request additional seats.

There are no specific prerequisites to attend this workshop. However, it's most beneficial for organizations and projects that already have a clear mission, shared values , and are ready to turn aspiration into action.

What we’ll do

Throughout this interactive session, teams will be guided through a process of strategic alignment, including:

  • Identifying and aligning individual and team goals.
  • Understanding and applying the OKR framework within your team.
  • Prioritizing objectives based on the team's vision, mission, and values.
  • Setting key results that effectively measure progress.
  • Creating an agile strategy that can adapt to changes in the arts and culture environment.
  • Using tools like Airtable to increase transparency and alignment on progress

Participants will need a computer/device with working internet to access the workshop, as well as a journal and writing tool. We will send prep work for you and your team to complete prior to the workshop.

What you’ll walk away with

Participants will leave with a shared understanding of their team's unified vision, practical experience in using the OKR framework within a team setting, and a strategy that not only supports their vision but can adapt to their group’s context and landscape. This empowering knowledge and set of tools will foster an environment of shared ownership, alignment, and adaptability, key ingredients for a thriving creative team.

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